New class A business complex

Krasta City will be a multifunctional class A business complex located next to the river Daugava. It will reflect the ever-growing demands of businesses in Latvia and Baltics for an environment that helps to achieve business heights.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, unique location and magnificent views over the city will provide a foundation to take on new challenges and grow.


This place will always create inspiration to achieve the highest possible goals! 

Krasta City Location


Public consultation on version of Krasta City local plan

On 20 March 2022, Riga City Council adopted a Resolution No. 1351 “On handing over the version of a local plan of territory situated between Krasta Street, Salu Bridge and Daugava to public consultation and receiving an opinion from institutions”. The goal of the local plan is to…

Development of the Local plan of Krasta City has been started

Great news regarding Krasta city development progress. On 24.02.2021 Riga City Council has made a decision No. 394 “On the local plan of the territory between Krasta Street, Salu Bridge and Daugava as Riga Spatial Plan 2006–2018. start of drafting amendments ”   More information on this:  …

“Krasta City” Business Complex will Obtain a New Visual Image This Year: Architectural Sketch design Competition Announced for Development Vision worth 150 Million EUR on the Banks of Daugava River

SIA "Krasta City" has announced a public competition to design a vision on the development of the territory on the right bank of the Daugava River, between the Island bridge, Krasta Street and the Daugava (the historical Zvirgzdu island territory). This competition will be the foundation for the development of the whole territory, starting with the first stage, which will ensure the installation of the infrastructure necessary for the project, construction of a 17-story office building, and improvements to the surrounding territory. "Krasta City" will be an A-class multi-functional business complex publicly available for everyone on the right bank of the Daugava River. The development will particularly focus on accessible infrastructure, high quality surroundings and work environment. Buildings will provide an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient solutions for tenants in a unique location at the crossroads of the city's main roads simultaneously offering beautiful landscapes over the Daugava River.