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Construction of a bicycle road in the territory adjacent to “Krasta City” has started

Construction of a new pedestrian and bicycle road in the area adjacent to “Krasta City” on Krasta Street has started in May this year to promote the development of infrastructure on the right bank of Daugava and to create a safe movement possibility to all traffic participants. Project will be finalized by the end of this summer.


The road will start from the Salu bridge connecting to the existing pedestrian and bicycle road and will end on the intersection of Krasta and Ogres Street. Length of the road will be 2.8km. The road will be up to 4m wide – 2,5m for cyclists and 1,5m for pedestrians. In places where the road joins highway, a 0.5 m wide dividing lane will be provided. Street lighting will be set up during dark hours to feel safe and comfortable at all times.


Environmentally friendly solutions and improvement of the city’s infrastructure are important cornerstones of the “Krasta City” project, thus the developers highly value this development started by Traffic Department of the Riga City Council. The developers of the “Krasta City” project consider that this will improve the movement of pedestrians and cyclists along the Daugava river and also provide a safe access to “Krasta City” business complex in the future. To facilitate the construction process part of the “Krasta City” territory has been allocated to construction team for placement of construction equipment, materials and office modules.


“Krasta City” multifunctional class A business complex is intended as a place that inspires to strive for new goals and reach the highest peaks. Uniqueness of the project is its location on the very bank of river Daugava at the crossroads of the main roads of the capital. Multi-storey buildings with a modern, high-quality work environment and a great view over the city and accessible landscaped coastal area will be built within next decade.


A public competition to design a vision on the development of the territory is currently ongoing. It will end in August 2020 when the results will be announced and the construction process of the first stage will begin. More information here: https://krastacity.metukonkurss.lv/