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Preliminary Building Permit Obtained for Krasta City

The development of the Krasta City business complex has entered its next phase, as the project 1st building has received a preliminary construction permit from Riga Municipality.

Work has now started on the detailed construction design and start of construction works are planned in 2025. The first stage of construction will include the 20 000 sqm of office building and its surrounding infrastructure. The entire Krasta City project is expected to be implemented in seven stages, with a total of 180,000 square metres of usable space to be built over 10 years, while the combined investment in the project will exceed EUR 200 million.

“At this stage, in collaboration with the landscape architects ALPS, we have developed a landscaping concept and a design for the office building that takes into account the guiding principles set out by the authors of the winning entry (ARROW architects). Namely, a focus on ground-level architecture, the integrity and connectivity of the public spaces with other parts of the city, and the openness of the ground floors. We are also extremely pleased that we have been able to consider the historical context and heritage of the Krasta City location – in 1938, it became the site of a local beach, which has been used as the guiding design motif for the office building,” says ARHIS ARHITEKTI Jānis Zvejnieks.

The ground floors of the building, boasting pavilions with transparent glazing and covered roofs, spacious terraces and green areas, are intended to provide shelter from the elements. The site’s layout, on the other hand, has been designed in such a way that the arrangement of green and urban elements also creates a human-scale, comfortable environment with full landscape close-ups and distant views. The planning of the infrastructure focuses on truly high-quality environmental design elements, as well as the free movement of pedestrians and cyclists, with motor vehicles taking a back seat.

Projects managing partner Hepsors Country manager Martti Krass shares his view on the development : “Krasta City is unique location, where you can find Rigas most mesmerizing views to the river and at the same time enjoy the city silhouette – all to enable constant flow of inspiration straight from your office space. We are very pleased with the way the design process is progressing and believe that our partners have done an excellent job finding the best concept. It is very important to us that in the first phase, there is a strong focus on public spaces and the surrounding outdoor area so that upon completion Krasta City becomes a new destination point by the Daugava river.”

More information about the project is expected by the beginning of 2025.